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    Different Eyeliner Looks To Switch Up Your Makeup Routine

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    Every avid beauty lover knows that the cat-eye winged liner is a staple for any glam look. But for how long will this last? The cat-eye liner has been popular for years now. There isn’t any other liner look that’s as popular as it. Honestly, we’re getting antsy. We’re bored with the same old routine of taking a black matte liquid liner and flicking it across our lids. We want new ideas to try out! Maybe we should take a look below. We heard Society19 made a list of different eyeliner looks to switch up our makeup routine.

    We’re Blue and We Love it

    For those of us who are easing into a transition away from a basic cat-eye, we recommend a dark blue eyeliner. It’s not too far from a black eyeliner but when a person gets close to you, they’ll definitely notice. Blue eyeliner is a good way to dip your feet into the end before jumping in headfirst. This look is subtle yet stunning. It’s perfect for a day or nighttime event. Keep the rest of your makeup natural for a daytime look or find some matching lipstick for a nighttime look that will kick it up a notch!

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