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    Easy Home Shoes Making in Three Stages

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    • 1 Loren Natural Cotton Green Mold (R089) color hand-knitted rope
    • Ready perforated floor mat
    • 3.5 mm needle
    • Jute rope
    • colorful beads


    1 stage

    1)  the first row I finish each hole starting from the second time by making frequent needle ready our base heel.

    2) The top row of stitches on each needle frequently to weave my first one. In this way, let’s make a total of 8 lines.

    Phase 2

    1)  We’re the front part of the intra-footpad at this stage.

    2)  26 chain shoot it.

    3)  The first chain to jump to the other as often let the needle, the latter often led him to chair the second needle.

    4)  1 chain pull-up let’s go, let’s continue by Increasing again, let’s reduce the last row. We’re reducing the one hand, increasing the from one side. In this way, let’s 7 order.

    5)  8. Reduce the opposite way where we do increas from the ordinary, we are Increasing or reduction in place. In this way we are doing well than 7.

    6)  the first row Let scroll loop and finish.

    Stage 3

    forward) In dikel by averaging the front part of it is that shoes.

    2)  the upper part 3 after the jump stitch where the front part of bits Let’s continue by knitting needles frequently.

    3)  Total 8 as we are weaving needle common.

    4)  Shoe We have completed our part of the back.

    5)  katlayal outwardly of the rear portion towards the external I katlayal nipping portions on the front part. Decorate with jute rope from Let’s spend the laces and beads.

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