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    Autumn Care for Your Tired Skin

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    “Nature, a new season while renewing all the silhouette of your skin for the most important treasure can make a touch, you can prepare your skin for autumn. All summer sun, sea, pool, wind, depending on many factors depending on the skin is tired, Contours Make-up Trainer Ergül Keskin, told about skin care that can be done during autumn. “

    Your skin needs care

    The pleasant and exhausting summer season is lagging behind. Perhaps the most influential elements of hot weather is our skin. The skin, which is exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun all summer, worn out in the sea and in the pool, loses moisture and vitality with the wind, needs a fresh start.

    This is because moisture loss both matt by affecting the quality of the skin and causes the signs of premature aging. Fine wrinkles on the dried skin are faster and at the same time cause a neglected and pale appearance. In addition, the unwanted legacy of the summer sun spots also adversely affect the aesthetics of the skin. Those who find it difficult to cope with all these problems find the solution in professional skin care.

    Smooth skin possible with BB Glow

    BB Glow is made without the use of any chemical or foundation, so it does not harm the skin, but is beneficial. Firstly, the substances in the serum with the process; skin tightening, acne and provides a reduction in vascular scars. It also provides a foundation effect on the skin, creating a smooth, radiant appearance. BB Glow lasts for an average of 4 months to 1 year, creating effective results for a natural silhouette.

    This process, which is carried out by means of micro needles, provides a smooth appearance by penetrating the serum into the skin. The serum used during the procedure is not the liquefied form of the foundation. It is made up of all natural ingredients, triggering cell renewal while repairing the skin.

    Salute the autumn with salmon DNA

    Salmon DNA vaccine is a new generation beauty application based on the production of young cells in the skin with the help of DNA molecules derived from salmon sperm and hyaluronic acid. System; Polynucleotides and hyaluronic acid molecules obtained from the salmon DNA with young cells in the skin by producing wrinkles and other signs of aging provides relief. Salmon DNA, which supports the skin structure and repairs the cells, restores the skin by reconstructing the connective tissue thanks to its formulation very close to human DNA.

    This procedure, which varies according to skin problems, is applied in 1 cure in advanced cases. A cure consists of approximately 3 sessions. Session times are 1 hour on average and 20 days on average. Salmon DNA, which gives the skin a youthful appearance when applied twice a year, can be applied to all skin types over 30 years of age.

    Deep cleansing, deep beauty with Hydra Facial

    The secret of a shiny skin that shines with health is that it is clean. A skin that is not thoroughly cleaned, free of dirt and makeup remains cannot be expected to look beautiful and well-groomed. Deeply cleansing the skin from the root to the end, Hydra Facial provides exactly the skin care it needs. Moreover, Hydra Facial not only cleanses the skin, but also rejuvenates and relieves skin problems. Aspirating dead cells with a pressure-based vacuum hood, this treatment structures the skin with special sera pumped into the skin. The result is; cleansed, skin tone equalized, free of dead skin, firmer appearance.

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