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    Free Tea Cosy Knitting Patterns

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    We’re back today with more free knitting patterns for you to enjoy. We’re doing our very best to keep this series at a weekly installment, to help inspire your knitting projects on a regular basis 

    If you’ve missed out on the free pattern posts we shared in the last few weeks, here’s a quick roundup of what is available for you to enjoy so far

    So what new goodies have we prepared for you today? Patterns for something you can create for fun, though of course it also proved to be very useful! Today we’re sharing 32 different patterns for wonderful tea cozies.

    The patterns available today are truly unique and simply gorgeous! If tea if your thing, and you like to have you tea the proper way (like I do!) with a tea-pot and all other essential crockery, a unique tea cosy to reflect your style is essential! So check out the selection we’ve prepared for you below.

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